Destination: Environmental protection 

Environmental and climate protection concerns everyone. DFS is aware of its responsibilities. We ensure that air travel is not only safe and
punctual, but also as environmentally friendly as possible. Our goal is to provide the greatest possible noise protection for residents living near airports and to maximise fuel savings. 

How DFS protects you from aircraft noise

People's desire for mobility is matched by their need for tranquillity. In a densely populated country like Germany, this inevitably leads to conflicts, especially in the vicinity of larger airports. DFS does everything in its power to protect people from aircraft noise as best as possible.

Noise abatement

airplane jet engine

This is how DFS protects the climate 

Every tonne of carbon dioxide saved protects the climate. DFS therefore plays a vital role in planning flight routes and controlling air traffic. We ensure the most efficient routing and optimal flight profiles. 

Climate protection

airplane at cruising altitude

Local environmental protection  

Promoting biodiversity, conserving natural resources and efficient energy production. These aspects of environmental protection also have a high priority at DFS sites. You can find an overview of the local environmental activities here.

Local environmental activities 

nature on campus Langen

This is how DFS promotes wind energy 

The radar and navigation facilities of DFS are vital for air safety and their operation needs to be protected from outside interference. Wind turbines can interfere with these facilities, which is why conflicts can arise as new wind energy projects are being planned. Nevertheless, even in the protection zones around these facilities the number of wind turbines is increasing. Our new calculation method to measure any potential interference is paying dividends. Even more will be possible in the future.

Wind energy

wind turbine with aircraft passing in the sky

This is how DFS pursues its environmental goals

Fewer CO2 emissions, less resource consumption, more biodiversity: DFS has set its sights high in environmental and climate protection. With our environmental management system, we ensure that we achieve our goals, and keep reducing our ecological footprint. 

Environmental management