For a safer sky

Careers at DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

A passion for air navigation services.

DFS relies on professionals to ensure the smooth flow of air traffic in Germany. Professionals who have a passion for their job. We need people who understand that aviation is more than moving aircraft from A to B; it is about the safety of the people in our care. We need experts operating across national borders to carry out our core task of ensuring safety, whether in the skies above us or on the taxiways of airports.

"Every day brings something new. And that's exactly what I like."Katrin, air traffic controller since 2015
"It's always new. It's always exciting. That's what sets my job apart."Achim, air navigation services engineer since 2005
"Safety for millions of passengers? That's the most exciting job in the world for me."Sebastian, controller at one of our control centres
"Facts and figures? That's my bread and butter."Dennis, fledgling office worker
"Why does it work? Because I move heaven and earth."Jasmin, fledgling air navigation services engineer
"I always enjoyed tinkering around with stuff. Now I get to move bits and bytes into just the right position."Andrea, student of applied computer sciences
"People who know their way around business are always in demand. But the world of aviation is something special."Christian, fledgling aviation manager