Become an air traffic controller and earn a Bachelor of science

Air Traffic Management | Bachelor of Science

You can now combine your training to become an air traffic controller with earning a bachelor of science in Air Traffic Management as part of a dual course of study, which is held in English. This is a unique way to bring together the practical elements of the training to become an air traffic controller with deep expertise of business administration and aviation. This means you will have the perfect dual set of qualifications: your air traffic controller licence and a degree in business administration with a focus on aviation. After passing the selection procedure in Hamburg, you will get to know the world of aviation inside out. You will study at the Hochschule Worms (University of Applied Sciences Worms) with students from related degrees (Aviation Management, Aviation Management and Piloting). There you will gain a comprehensive insight into the world of aviation. In the periods of work experience (practice phases), you will get to know the different areas of DFS, such as flight planning and capacity planning. This will you give you the background knowledge you need to work as an air traffic controller.

A solid theoretical foundation

Business administration, marketing, airport management and aviation analytics – the subjects you cover during your Air Traffic Management degree are a varied as aviation itself. In the first three semesters, you will learn a lot about aviation as well as methodical, analytical and organisational skills.

*Gender doesn't matter (female/male/diverse), your passion for aviation does

Overview of subjects

Semester 1:
Economics | Marketing and Sales Management | Research Methods | Aviation Management | Air Traffic Management

Semester 2:
Analytical Methods | HR-Management | Business English | Aircraft Operation | Airport Management | Airline Business Models and Strategies

Semester 3:
Accountancy and Financial Reporting | Air Cargo & Logistics Management | Air Transportation Policy and Law | Network Management | Aviation

Semester 4 – 6:
Air Traffic Controller Training at the Air Navigation Services Academy and Start of On-the-job Training | Academic Paper and Bachelor Thesis

Take off in the practical phase

After 18 months at university, you will switch to your air traffic controller training at our Air Navigation Services Academy in Langen, between Frankfurt and Darmstadt. To make sure you are able to make the right decisions as an air traffic controller, your training is made up of an equal mix of knowledge acquisition and experience gathering. Your training will be composed of broad-based classroom instruction of theory and exciting on-the-job training.

You can find more information on the content and structure of the training here.

Some facts to make the decision easier to take

  • You will already be building your professional network at university through your contact with other students of our system partners in aviation, such as trainee pilots
  • You will gain an in-depth insight into the worlds of aviation and business administration, profiting from different perspectives on our daily work
  • You will have two qualifications under your belt – your air traffic controller licence and a bachelor's degree

      • Please note:

        • Make a note of 1 June 2019. This is the starting date for applications for the course that begins in March 2020. We are looking forward to your application

        • We would ask you to include a motivation letter in your normal application documents (cover letter, curriculum vitae, plus school certificates and letters of recommendation). In your motivation  letter, you should set out your reasons for choosing this dual course of study.
        •  You can find the exact requirements profile for the air traffic controller training set out in the person specification here.

        In addition to passing the selection procedure for air traffic controllers, you should also meet the following requirements for the dual course of study:

        School-leaving qualification

        You have a university entrance qualification from school (equivalent to the German Abitur, allgemeine Hochschulreife) with above-average marks


        You had English as a subject until the Abitur (or are a native speaker of English)


        You have an aptitude for business administration and enjoy thinking and working in a scientific way

        Medical fitness

        There is a medical fitness requirement – for example, as regards sight and hearing