Getting to your destination safely

All aircraft flying in German airspace under instrument flight rules fly under the control of DFS. Our qualified staff and modern technology ensure the greatest possible safety – 365 days a year, around the clock.

Horizontal flight efficiency
On-time flights

How do air traffic controllers do their jobs?

DFS ensures that all flights in German airspace reach their destinations safely. Our air traffic controllers at airports or in the radar control centres play a vital role in this. They ensure that there is always sufficient separation between aircraft. But how exactly do air traffic controllers do their jobs? In this section, you will find out more.

How operational staff do their jobs

air traffic controller at the Munich Centre

The technology of air traffic control 

What tools does a pilot use to navigate safely? How do our air traffic controllers know where exactly each aircraft is? And how does the communication between air traffic controllers and the cockpit function? DFS maintains a modern technical infrastructure to enable safe flight. You can learn more about the most important technologies in this section.

The technology used by DFS  

electronic control strips

Getting to your destination safely

The primary objective of DFS is to ensure the safety of air
traffic over Germany. To this end, we have established a comprehensive safety management system. Our philosophy is to
detect even the smallest deviations in order to identify and eliminate possible weak points at an early stage. The result is an excellent safety record.

Safety as a corporate objective  

air traffic controller in the tower

DFS in Germany and Europe

Air navigation services are a sovereign task. This is laid down in the German Aviation Act (LuftVG), the legal basis for what DFS does. In addition, there is a large number of
international rules and European requirements that form the framework for our work. They have an influence on financing and the technology used. They are also ensuring ever greater cooperation within Europe.

Legal and organisational framework  

aircraft approaching Munich

Research and development

The world of aviation is changing. New technologies are available, new users are emerging. DFS has its own inhouse unit for research and development.

What DFS is developing for the future. 

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