General aviation  

Are you a private pilot and need help with flight preparation? Are you an aerobatic pilot and would like to take off in an aerobatic box? Are you a parachutist and are planning your next jump? Here, you will find the most important information and the relevant contact persons at DFS. 

Portal for private pilots 

In our AIS-Portal, private pilots can prepare their flights professionally. In addition to submitting flight plans online, you can transmit flight-plan-associated messages and retrieve briefings.  


We also offer a chart-based overview of the areas where flight restrictions currently apply. 


private plane on apron

private plane in the sky

VFR information 

Current news for VFR pilots can be found in our information portal. 

Information for VFR pilots

Aerobatic flights 

Aerobatic flights take place in designated airspaces, so-called aerobatic flight boxes. The legislator has regulated aerobatic flights in aviation legislation in Germany. Details can be found in Section 14 of the German Aviation Regulation (LuftVO) and in Section 1(1) of the German Aviation Act (LuftVG). In order to perform aerobatic flights in controlled airspace and over controlled aerodromes, an appropriate air traffic control clearance is required. For this purpose, please contact the responsible DFS control centre or the respective control tower. 


aerobatic flight



Parachute jump operations 

For information on parachute jump operations, please contact