Free Route Airspace (FRA)

With effect from 01 March 2018 DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH implemented Free Route Airspace above FL 245 within the part of Germany that is controlled by DFS and lies within the vertical limits described below, i.e. within the Area of Responsibility (AoR) of Karlsruhe UAC (EDUU) and the respective parts of the AoRs of Bremen ACC (EDWW) and München ACC (EDMM). This area is called DFS FRA.
The implementation of FRA is in accordance with EU Implementation Regulation 716/2014 (“Pilot Common Project”).
Initially, DFS offers FRA on a H24 basis in the so-called FRA Cells EDUU North and EDUU East while the remaining FRA Cells EDUU West, EDUU South, EDMM East, EDMM South and EDWW East are available during night (2230-0400 UTC). Offering FRA around-the-clock in these FRA Cells is subject to an implementation step planned for DEC 2021. In the meantime, in implementation phases in winter 2018/2019 and winter 2019 DFS is going to improve the operational availability of already existing flight plannable Directs (RAD APP 04) and to add new DCTs wherever possible. Doing so, DFS is aiming to provide Airspace Users with potential benefits in Horizontal Flight Efficiency (HFE) as soon as possible.
On this page DFS provides news and documents related to the current Free Route Airspaces and the abovementioned succeeding steps. Related to implementation steps coming-up this shall allow our customers for a proper preparation on their side and - doing so – to ensure a seamless transition towards FRA Operations.

Please note that this page does not replace the relevant official aeronautical publications – hence, the information provided here must not be used for operational purposes.



    FRA Cells

    FRA Points & Route Options


    For the RAD documents related to the Free Route implementation refer to Eurocontrol NM RAD Homepage, available via


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