Release of sky lanterns

To process requests for the release of sky lanterns (also known as flight lanterns, balloons, glowworms, flammeas, Kong Mings, fire lanterns, air lanterns, party balloons), the following details are required in order to issue the clearance according to Article 16a of the German Aviation Regulation (LuftVO):

  • Contact details of the applicant
  • Address of the release site
  • DateTime
  • Number of sky lanterns

At least two weeks advance notice is required to ensure that the request is processed in time.

Please send an e-mail with your informal request or use our online request form (in German only, please consult the German page of our website).

When the request has been checked, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung will inform each applicant about the conditions to be observed. These conditions only refer to aspects of air safety for which the competent air traffic control unit is responsible according to Article 29 of the German Aviation Act (LuftVG). The applicant is responsible for compliance with other applicable regulations. This is especially relevant with regard to fire prevention regulations and regulations governing public safety and order on the ground. Please note that the release of sky lanterns is generally prohibited in some cities, communities, districts or German States. Therefore, we urgently recommend that you also submit a request to the competent Ordnungsamt (municipal office for public order) and inform the nearest police station. 

In urgent cases, please contact:
Telephone: +49 69 78072-658
Fax: +49 69 78072-668