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26.07.2013.- The German air navigation service provider DFS is publishing a new edition of Cross Border Information in conjunction with the German-language magazine "fliegermagazin". Cross Border Information is the handbook for VFR flights in Europe. It has been completely revised as regards both structure and content: It describes the essential requirements for VFR flights in Europe and covers the issues that are important to know for 22 European countries. All this information is combined with a host of ideas for trips and places to see.

The first chapter of Cross Border Information deals with the various regulations that have to be observed for VFR flights in the country of departure and destination. such as the rules governing entry and customs. It also provides an opportunity to refresh your basic knowledge of both pre-flight planning as well as of special subjects such as flying in mountains, along the coast or over wooded areas. In addition, it offers advice on equipment and the different radio communication procedures.

The second part of the book deals exclusively with information on the 22 most frequented countries in Europe, stretching from Norway in the north and Spain in the south and from Ireland in the west to the Baltic States in the east. What are the minimum flight altitudes in France? Are there any special visual flight rules in Croatia? This sort of essential information can be found for each country on airspace, pre-flight planning and equipment as well as helpful addresses organised by topic area. Furthermore, there are tips on where to go and recommendations on where to stay, which will make it easy to choose your next destination abroad. There are numerous diagrams and graphics to make the information easier to digest.

This reference work contains important abbreviations in German and English, help in decoding meteorological information, explanations of the markings on taxiways as well as conversion tables for the various units of measurement.

"The new edition of Cross Border Information gives pilots all the important information they need for a trip abroad coupled with information on the destination country in compact form. Experienced VFR pilots can use the book as a reference, while it also serves as an incentive to make that first trip abroad," explained Jan-Eric Putze, who is in charge of sales of aeronautical publications and products at DFS.

The author, Heike Schweigert, is a commercial pilot and flight instructor. The journalist lived in Botswana for many years and organised charter flight and trips for VFR pilots. Before this, she ran a service centre for pilots who were preparing vacations flights worldwide.

Cross Border Information will be available from the end of August from bookshops, other distributors of aeronautical products and online at ISBN no.: 978-3-9811014-3-0, EUR 34.90.

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