Our glossary contains frequently used terms and acronyms together with their explanations.

ATM simulators

For quite some time now, our validation work has been delivering proof whether, for example, a newly developed working procedure or an airspace change brings the desired benefits (e.g. reduced workload, higher airspace capacity). Such work requires flexible, high-performance ATM simulators. The DFS training simulators are also based on this validation tool. They are not only an important element for the training and competence maintenance of air traffic controllers. This advanced simulation infrastructure is also the foundation for developing and validating ATM procedures and air traffic management systems at DFS.

Real-time simulators for en-route and approach
(Control Centre Division)
There is a host of en-route simulators available for research and training applications in the field of real-time simulators. The Advanced Function Simulator is a research simulator which provides DFS with a computer-aided real-time simulator to investigate R&D questions. NEWSIM, the current generation of ATM training simulators at DFS, is used for the training of air traffic controllers. The simulator offers a work environment that air traffic controllers know from their daily work with sophisticated ATM systems.

Real-time simulators for aerodrome control and apron control (Tower Division)
From 2D training consoles to 3D simulators with 360-degree panoramic view, various system variants are available for R&D and training. The DFS tower simulator TOSIM is one of the largest and most advanced simulation systems.

Networking of real-time simulators
Via a connection between NEWSIM and TOSIM, real-time simulations can be conducted gate-to-gate. This means that the whole ATM process is simulated from apron and aerodrome control through take-off at the departure aerodrome, en-route and approach control until the landing, including apron and aerodrome control at the destination aerodrome.

Fast-time simulator AirTOp®
Since 2009, the fast-time simulation software AirTOp (Air Traffic Optimiser), commissioned by DFS and specified by experts from the R&D department, provides DFS with a high-performance agent-based simulation software, which can be used for airspace and aerodrome simulations. Fast-time simulations can be used to optimise existing structures and draw up new alternatives. Assessment and evaluation based on set criteria can be conducted quickly.