Financial performance

Although traffic volumes in 2018 rose by 4.2 percent over the previous year, the strict targets under the EU regulatory regime meant that revenues did not increase in turn. The opposite was the fact: Under IFRS, total operating revenues and income at DFS came in at €1,177.9 million (2017: €1,190.8 million). 

This situation was caused by the decline in revenues from air navigation charges, which was a knock-on effect from the reduction in the unit rates under the EU regulatory regime. Overall, the DFS Group generated a loss of €30.1 million, where both the drop in air navigation charges and the rise in employee expenses were a causal factor.

The commercial business contributed €67 million to the total operating revenues and income figure.

Extracts from 2018 business year

(according to IFRS)

1.107,1 million
Capital expenditure
   115,5 million
Balance sheet total
2.157,9 million
Net income
     30,1 million