Flight Information Service (FIS) and Air Traffic Control (ATC) in military areas of responsibility of the German Federal Armed Forces

26.11.2013.- In accordance with § 30 (2) LuftVG, the responsibility for providing local military air navigation services at aerodromes rests with the German Federal Armed Forces. For this purpose, in addition to the control zones (Airspace D) published in the AIP, areas of responsibility (ZB) of the military approach control units were also agreed upon between DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH and the German Federal Armed Forces.

In accordance with airspace classification, these are normally Airspace G or E. The ZBs will be activated by the German Federal Armed Forces, as required. During activation, the German Federal Armed Forces are responsible for providing air traffic control and flight information service in these ZBs. Thus, especially in the area of aerodromes with operations involving military jet aircraft, all airspace users can be provided with the necessary information „from one source“.

The radio call sign of the control units consists of the name of the control unit and the term „Radar“ (e.g. Büchel RADAR). Services for civil and military airspace users are provided in German and English. This is generally done with the help of primary and secondary radar facilities belonging to the German Federal Armed Forces (Aerodrome Surveillance Radar, ASR).

The present chart depicts the military areas of responsibility on the basis of the current Aeronautical Chart ICAO 1 : 500.000. The agreed lateral and vertical limits of the areas of responsibility at the military aerodromes of the German Federal Armed Forces, as well as the call signs and frequencies necessary to establish contact, are depicted on the charts which follow. The service is available according to operational requirements (HO). As a rule, times of activation coincide with the opening times of the aerodromes: Mon–Thu 0700 (0600) – 1600 (1500); Fri 0700 (0600) – 1100 (1000). According to information from the military units, they may also be shorter or longer. During deactivation of the areas of responsibility, the control centres of DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH will provide services to the extent necessary. If a radio call is received by a unit which turns out not to be responsible, the caller will be recommended to establish contact with the competent unit, technical and other conditions permitting.

The Customer Relations Management (e-mail: crm@dfs.de) of DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH and the Bundeswehr Air Traffic Services Office (e-mail: afsbwi2@bundeswehr.org) shall be contacted in case of queries regarding the content of this publication.

Chart Eifel Area

Chart Hannover Area

Chart Holzdorf Area

Chart Kiel Flensburg Area

Chart Cologne Aachen Area

Chart Munich Area

Chart Nordhessen Area

Chart Nordsee Area

Chart Ostsee Rostock Area

Chart Würzburg Schwäbisch Hall