New flight information and flight plan processing system

16.02.2018.- In the night from 6 to 7 March 2018, the DFS flight information / flight plan processing system will be replaced by a European system operated by EUROCONTROL. As of this date, DFS will no longer maintain its own system for the AIS-C but will use the central EAD system for the AIS service together with other European air navigation service providers (ANSP).
During the cutover to the EAD system during the night mentioned above, the AIS-C and the AIS portal will temporarily be unavailable for filing flight plans or retrieving pre-flight information bulletins. You can find the most up-to-date information and times of non-availability on the AIS portal.
Below, we have summarised a few minor changes resulting from the cutover.
1. Flight plan filing
To make the transition to the new system as smooth as possible, the lead-time for filing flight plans on the AIS portal will be shortened from the usual 120 hours to 24 hours as of 1 March 2018. This means that flight plans and flight-plan-associated messages can temporarily only be entered for the current and the subsequent day. Flight plans received by fax or telephone will also only be processed 24 hours prior to the EOBT. This shortened filing time is expected to remain in place until the end of March. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this measure.
Confirmations by e-mail (ACK or status notification), which the users of our AIS portal are familiar with and which are sent to users following the processing of a flight plan, will be sent from a new address in the future:
If you have requested confirmations (ACK or status messages) or ATFCM messages via text message (SMS) in addition to an e-mail, they will still be sent to the mobile phone number that you provided us with.
Otherwise, nothing else about flight plan filing has changed for you as the customer. The entry screen on the AIS portal and the transmission by fax or telephone remain the same. The same holds true for the flight-plan-associated messages (DEP, ARR, CNL, DLA). The functions of the AIS portal are not affected by the upcoming changes.

2. Pre-flight Information Bulletin (PIB) retrieval / NOTAM briefing
Would you like to obtain NOTAM and/or a pre-flight briefing for your flight preparation and flight operations? You can still request these directly when you file your flight plan on the AIS portal, or you can request them directly by telephone or fax from the AIS-C. The data will be generated on the central EAD system from 7 March and made available to you in the accustomed way. The address will be:
In accordance with international and, in particular, European guidelines and requirements, the content of your Pre-flight Information Bulletin will also change as follows:

  • The header (the text at the beginning of each pre-flight briefing) now contains comprehensive information about the filter settings and parameters on the basis of which your personal briefing/your pre-flight briefing was generated. This includes, for example, the validity period of the PIB, the width and height of the corridor.
  • In future, pre-flight briefings ordered when filing the flight plan and using the flight plan template on the AIS portal (immediately and/or 3 hours before EOBT) will always contain all valid active NOTAM for a defined validity period from the estimated off block time (EOBT) until 4 hours after the estimated arrival time (ETA) of the intended flight, and NOTAM information that will come into effect within this period. The previously used standard (90-day filter) will no longer be used.
  • Overall, the look and feel of the pre-flight briefings generated by the EAD system will change. For example, within the framework of European harmonisation, NOTAM will be sorted by time.

NOTAM briefings and VFReBulletins retrieved on the AIS portal will remain unchanged visually and in terms of content.

If you have any questions or if anything is unclear, we are available around the clock at +49 (0)69-78072500.