Military low-level flights and VFR traffic

02.07.2015.- DFS would like to point out that low-level flights by military jet and transport aircraft are conducted primarily under visual flight rules (VFR). These flights are usually not restricted to established routes and altitudes and are normally conducted on weekdays. If the time of day and weather conditions permit, they primarily use airspace below 2000 ft AGL.

Further information about military low-level flights such as charts of low-flying areas can be found in AIP VFR ENR 3-13.

Safety Recommendation

If, according to weather conditions and the time of day, VFR flights of military jet aircraft may be expected, pilots of civil aircraft planning VFR flights are recommended the following:

 - for approaches and departures to/from aerodromes, glider sites as well as terrain on which take-offs and landings with hang gliders and paragliders are conducted outside aerodromes admitted for them, to cross the altitude limit at 500 up to 2000 ft AGL as quickly as possible.