30.01.2020 - Remote QNH on RMZ Airports

On the basis of the EU Regulation 550/2004, the Federal Republic of Germany has regulated in § 27e LuftVG that the aeronautical meteorological service may only be provided by the German Meteorological Service (DWD) or, in the case of § 27f Para. 5 LuftVG, by natural persons commissioned for this purpose who are subject to the technical supervision of the DWD.

An analysis by DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH has shown that 19 RMZ aerodromes in Germany currently do not fully comply with this regulation.

RMZ aerodromes:

Allendorf/Eder     Barth         Bautzen       Bayreuth         

Coburg-Brandensteinsebene    Donaueschingen-Villingen

Doanauwoerth HEL      Eggenfelden        Emden  

Giebelstadt       Haßfurth-Schweinfurth       Magdeburg/City 

Mengen-Hohentengen          Neubrandenburg

Oberschleißheim HEL      Schoenhagen     

Straubing       Wilhelmshaven         Zweibruecken  


In agreement with the Federal Supervisory Office for Air Navigation Services (BAF), DFS will apply the following regulation as an interim solution:

Use of a remote QNH of the DWD or a designated person

The OCA/OCH values are recalculated and published on the basis of ICAO Doc 8168 Vol II with corresponding safety margins for obstacle clearance height. Baro VNAV approaches with vertical guidance, which were introduced to increase safety, may no longer be performed with a remote QNH and are therefore suspended. The pilots are informed by NOTAM about the increased OCA/H values and the suspension of the Baro-VNAV procedure.

These regulations are valid until 01JAN 2022.

To be observed by pilots:

- the Baro-VNAV procedures suspended by NOTAM may no longer be used and
- the OCA/H values indicated on the approach chart may no longer be used.

This procedure was agreed with the BMVI, BAF, DWD and some affected aerodromes and came into force on 15.02.2019.

If you have any questions, please contact crm@dfs.de