DFS is a modern service provider. Our top priorities are safety and customer satisfaction.

As an ISO certified company, DFS also has a complaints handling process. It is conducted DFS-wide and includes departments and regional branches. Customer complaints are systematically recorded and handled, which also supports quality management at DFS.

Customer complaints (civil)
If you as a user of our services (airline operator, business and general aviation) are not satisfied, just send us an e-mail to

Customer complaints (military)
Military airspace users can take part in this process by means of the Air Traffic Service Enhancement (ATSE) platform. If you as a military user of our services are not satisfied, just send us an e-mail to
If you as a citizen have any concerns or complaints concerning military flight operations, you can directly contact the German Air Force: Hotline.

From your point of view, a civil aircraft flies lower than usual and not the usual route? You hear it louder? Do you have any questions? Then feel free to contact us.