Regulation and calculation of charges
DFS performs air navigation services for the German government as outlined in Article 27c (2) of the German Aviation Act (LuftVO). The costs incurred must be covered by revenues in the form of air navigation charges, reimbursements and other sources of revenue. Terminal charges, for example, are levied by the air navigation services for providing services and facilities to airlines during take-off and landing at German airports. En-route charges are collected for en-route services and facilities. The following applies to military air traffic: DFS determines the costs incurred for the services provided to military airspace users and the Bundeswehr reimburses DFS. These costs do not fall on civil aviation.

The unit rates are published in the relevant regulations. The actual charge to be paid is calculated as follows:

  • For approach and departure services, on the basis of the weight factor
    charge= (MTOW/50)0.7 x unit rate
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    • For en-route services, by multiplying the weight and distance factors

    Invoices for en-route charges are issued in euro and issued by the Central Route Charges Office (CRCO) of EUROCONTROL in Brussels as a single charge per flight. The revenue is then transferred to the individual States.

    Apart from including the costs incurred by DFS, this cost-base also comprises the costs of EUROCONTROL and the aeronautical meteorological service financed from the German federal budget. The current unit rate can be found here

    The conditions of application of the route charges system (calculating charges, exemption from charges) and the conditions of payment can be found here.
    The unit rate for terminal navigation for 2021 is: EUR 130.35 plus the applicable rate of Value Added Tax.
    Previous regulations for VFR flights and for aircraft weighing less than 2 tonnes will no longer apply after 1 January 2010. 

    Examples of terminal navigation charges in 2021:
    Type: Ikarus C42 / MTOW: 0.450 t / charge: EUR 5.21
    Type: Cessna C 172 / MTOW: 1.157 t / charge: EUR 9.12
    Type: LR 35 / MTOW: 8.3 t / charge: EUR 36.50
    Type: A320 / MTOW: 73.5 t / charge: EUR 170.76

    E-Billing – Invoices by e-mail 
    It is possible to receive the invoices issued by DFS by e-mail. First of all, however, you need to sign and return an agreement. You will then receive the invoices in electronic form, allowing you to quickly and easily review and archive them. Do you have any questions? Then feel free to contact us.