Parachute jumps

Air traffic control clearances are required for parachute jump operations within controlled airspace (Article 16a of the German Aviation Regulation LuftVO). Further details are specified in NfL I - 59/07. When requesting a clearance, the following applies: For parachute jump operations which

  • require an area with a radius of more than 2 NM,
  • are conducted in airspace C or D (non-CTR) in the vicinity of airports below FL 100,
  • are conducted within a control zone (airspace D),
  • are conducted in restricted or danger areas,
  • are conducted in controlled airspace at night,
  • are conducted at less than 2 NM distance from the national border of the Federal Republic of Germany, and/or,
  • last more than three days,

please use the appropriate request form and send it by fax to the competent DFS unit with a lead time of at least eight working days. This form can be found in the information box on the right. For parachute jump operations to which the above criteria do not apply, simplified procedures may be requested by fax from the DFS International NOTAM Office up to 48 hours in advance, using the appropriate form. 
In order to additionally activate a dropping zone, please send the request to the competent DFS unit no later than 5 hours prior to the planned parachute jump.

In all other cases, please fax or mail the request to the International NOTAM Office of DFS no later than 48 hours (simplified application procedure) prior to the start of the parachute jump operations so that a navigation warning can be issued. The International NOTAM Office will only send a reply if there are any questions.

Note: Please contact the AIS-C on the day of the jump operations to find out about any additional activations or establishment of restricted or danger areas (e.g. for military exercises).