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The new AIS-Portal: making you more mobile

DFS, the German air navigation service provider, has launched a new layout and design for its AIS-Portal. The portal is a tool for pilots to prepare their flights online. Pilots can now access the portal’s contents and forms from their mobile devices.

14.10.2020.- Pilots can register free of charge at  www.dfs-ais.de to submit flight plans, flight-plan-associated messages or arrival messages for flights under visual flight rules (VFR) and instrument flight rules (IFR) in Germany, or for flights abroad

Parts of the forms for submitting flight plans can now be pre-filled automatically using templates. Aircraft data and other data can be saved in advance. These data can also be shared with other users. Stored routes can be selected with a click.

It is also possible to display and print NOTAM briefings for all flight information regions and aerodromes in the AIS-Portal. The relevant form has a new layout, as well, but the contents have remained the same.

Using the VFReBulletin, pilots can still retrieve the latest daily route-related NOTAM information and graphically display this information on charts.

Pilots who prefer the previous version can choose the link “Classic Version” on the website of the new AIS-Portal.

With 30,000 registered customers, the AIS-Portal is an important element of the services provided by the Aeronautical Information Service Centre (AIS-C).

Note: Two short clips are available at www.dfs-ais.de which will help customers familiarise themselves with the new features. In the case of questions, the AIS Centre is available 24/7.

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DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, the German air navigation service provider, is a State-owned company under private law with 5,600 employees as at 30 June 2020. DFS ensures the safe and punctual flow of air traffic over Germany. Around 2,200 air traffic controllers guide up to 10,000 flights in German airspace every day, more than three million movements every year. This makes Germany the country with the highest traffic volume in Europe. The company operates control centres in Langen, Bremen, Karlsruhe and Munich as well as control towers at the 16 designated international airports in Germany. The subsidiary DFS Aviation Services GmbH markets and sells products and services related to air navigation services, and provides air traffic control at nine regional airports in Germany and at London Gatwick Airport and Edinburgh Airport in the UK. DFS has been working on the integration of drones into air traffic since 2016 and has set up a joint venture, Droniq GmbH, with Deutsche Telekom. www.dfs.de