DFS launches trial operations to optimise the utilisation of the runway complex at Frankfurt Airport

In February 2020, DFS will start two-month trial operations at Frankfurt Airport to optimise the utilisation of the runway complex. This trial will also be related to the airport’s expansion and is intended to fulfil future requirements with regard to safety, capacity and punctuality.

05.12.2019.- DFS will conduct these trial operations with a view to the opening of a third passenger terminal in the south of Frankfurt Airport and the associated increase in air traffic. According to the current operational concept, take-offs generally take place from runway 18 (runway west) and the centre runway 07C/25C (operating directions east and west). Landings are carried out on runways 07L/25R (northwestern landing runway) and 07R/25L (southern runway). Therefore, today, two runways are generally used for take-offs and two runways for landings although, in principle, this would also be possible on three runways for each operating direction.

The new concept includes an almost equal use of the centre and southern runways for take-offs and landings in a "mixed mode" with the separation minima required for a staggered approach sequence. The use of the northwestern runway and runway west will remain unchanged. Overall, the optimised operational concept should lead to an increase in performance as a result of an optimised use of the runways.

The use of the southern and centre runways for consecutive take-offs and landings had already been practised at Frankfurt Airport until the northwestern runway was opened in 2011. In its optimised constellation with four runways, the new concept will allow an alignment of all traffic flows and interdependencies. The trial operations will be conducted daily in the period between 3 February and 25 March 2020, no longer than from 6:00 to 22:00 hrs.

The new operational concept is not a new procedure but a new combination of procedures which had already been laid down in the course of the zoning decision for the previous expansion of Frankfurt Airport. Therefore, no separate approval will be required. Concrete plans were presented to the members of the Noise Abatement Commission on 4 December 2019.

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