Expert knowledge for drone pilots

Eisenschmidt, a subsidiary of DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, has published a two-volume series for drone pilots.
Volume one contains basic knowledge indispensable for acquiring the drone licence. The recently published volume two gives an introduction to risk management for unmanned aircraft systems.

23.03.2018.- What does a drone pilot have to know in order to safely operate such an aircraft? How can a user determine and minimise the risk of a drone operation? Information on these topics can be found in the drone guide, a German series in two volumes published by Eisenschmidt. The author is Maximilian Beck, an expert in this field. He works for the aeronautical authority of Lower Saxony as an expert for unmanned aircraft systems. He is also a commercial drone pilot.

The first volume on basics provides fundamental information on the current legal situation, flight operations and navigation. It also focuses on new features of the Aviation Regulation introduced by the German Federal Ministry of Transport (MoT) in April 2017. Since then, a drone licence has been mandatory for all pilots of model aircraft and unmanned aircraft systems in Germany.

“The drone guide is indispensable for safe drone operations,” said DFS CEO Klaus-Dieter Scheurle. This book also has review questions so the readers can check their knowledge of the content. In addition, it contains formulations for the paperwork required by authorities and various checklists helpful for the pilot.

The second volume on risk management for civil drones and SORA has just been published. It provides an introduction to risk management for unmanned aircraft systems and presents the “specific operational risk assessment” method, in short SORA-GER, which was developed by the German MoT and the aeronautical authorities of the Federal States. Based on several influencing factors such as the size of the aircraft or the population density on the ground, this method helps identify the size of the risk and the effectiveness of preventive measures so that the responsible aeronautical authority can approve planned flights.

The two books are available in German only and can be ordered from

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Jan-Eric Putze and Prof. Klaus-Dieter Scheurle

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