Norbert Haslacher, Chief Sales Officer and Executive Board Member of Frequentis, Hannes Bardach, CEO of Frequentis, Klaus-Dieter Scheurle, CEO of DFS, and Dirk Mahns, Managing Director of DFS Aviation Services.

Frequentis and DFS establish a joint venture for the worldwide delivery of turnkey remote tower projects

Joint venture Frequentis DFS Aerosense GmbH to commence operations in 2018

06.03.2018.- Frequentis AG and DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH signed an agreement today in Madrid to establish a joint venture for the production and installation of turnkey remote tower solutions. This partnership brings together the companies' proven technical and operational expertise in remote tower projects.

The new, globally active joint venture will operate under the name of Frequentis DFS Aerosense GmbH and will have its headquarters in Austria. The two companies will each provide one managing director. Katrin Scheidgen (DFS Aviation Services GmbH) and Christian Weiss (Frequentis AG) have been selected to fill these positions.

Providing remote tower control at airports is becoming increasingly relevant for air navigation service providers (ANSP). In concrete terms, aerodrome control will no longer be carried out by air traffic controllers on site. Instead, controllers will be located elsewhere and use technology that replaces the view from the tower. The controllers at this separate location will direct take-offs, landings and taxiing of aircraft at more than one airport. Having one centralised location will significantly reduce costs, increase efficiency and raise productivity.

Frequentis and DFS will market the jointly developed, future-oriented remote tower solution as turnkey solutions via the new company worldwide. The joint venture, which is to act as an independent company on the market, bundles the strengths of both companies and thus increases the competitiveness of the remote tower solution as a whole.

Frequentis AG will contribute the technologies necessary for air traffic control at airports, its expertise in the development of customer-oriented remote tower systems as well as its worldwide network of branches and local representative offices for the implementation of remote tower projects all over the world.

DFS Aviation Services will contribute its expertise in consulting, validation, transition and training in the field of air traffic management. The DFS subsidiary works hand in hand with its parent company and thus has the operational experience DFS gained from developing its own remote tower solution. DFS and Frequentis are currently setting up a remote tower centre at Leipzig Airport. From the end of this year, DFS air traffic controllers located at this centre will control Saarbrücken International Airport. The airports in Erfurt and Dresden will follow.

"We look forward to continuing our working relationship with DFS in the rapidly developing field of air traffic control digitalisation. Remote tower solutions are expected to deliver significant cost savings and greater efficiency for ANSPs. We welcome the opportunity to work with DFS Aviation Services, expand our potential and share our combined knowledge. We want to make the technical, operational and economic opportunities known to customers worldwide," said Hannes Bardach, CEO of Frequentis.

"Remote tower control marks a radical change in paradigm. We will continue to ensure that air traffic control remains as safe and secure as ever – at the highest level. We are pleased to collaborate on this key technology since both companies are leaders in their field. The pooling of technical expertise with the individual requirements of an ANSP is the basis needed for a functioning remote tower project. We are confident that the joint venture will be successful and that we will become a leading provider of remote tower solutions," said Klaus-Dieter Scheurle, CEO of DFS.

"This topic will have a positive impact on air traffic control. Together with our partner, we will create the best solution for our customers," said Dirk Mahns, Managing Director of DFS Aviation Services.

Press contacts:

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Nanda Geelvink, Public Relations, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH,, Telephone: +49 6103 707 4164

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The Austrian company Frequentis is an international provider of communication and information systems for safety-critical land, sea, air and space control centre operations. Frequentis develops and sells such control centre solutions in the business segments air traffic management (civil and military air traffic control, air defence) and public safety and transport (police, fire brigade, rescue services, shipping and railways). Frequentis has a global network of offices, subsidiaries and local representatives in more than 50 countries. Frequentis products and solutions are deployed at more than 25,000 working positions in over 120 countries globally. The company is a world market leader in the field of voice communication systems, making our world safer every day.

About DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH
DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, the German air navigation service provider, is a State-owned company under private law with 5,400 employees. DFS ensures the safe and punctual flow of air traffic over Germany. Around 2,000 air traffic controllers guide up to 10,000 flights in German airspace every day, about three million movements every year. This makes Germany the country with the highest traffic volume in Europe. The company operates control centres in Langen, Bremen, Karlsruhe and Munich as well as control towers at the 16 international airports in Germany. The subsidiary DFS Aviation Services GmbH markets and sells products and services related to air navigation services, and provides air traffic control at nine regional airports in Germany and at London Gatwick Airport in the UK.

About DFS Aviation Services GmbH
DFS Aviation Services GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of DFS, the German ANSP. It employs more than 110 members of staff as at January 2018. DFS Aviation Services is a certified ANSP and provides air traffic services at nine regional airports in Germany. Through its UK subsidiary, Air Navigation Solutions, it is also responsible for the provision of air traffic control at London Gatwick, the UK's second largest airport. DFS Aviation Services also markets and sells products and services related to air navigation services. Its customers include air navigation services organisations, airport operators, airlines and aeronautical authorities from around the world.