Flight inspection at Frankfurt Airport

Noise disturbance to be expected during the day and at night

07.04.2015.- In the period from 9 to 12 April 2015, calibration flights will be conducted at Frankfurt Airport.

The accuracy of the instrument landing systems (ILS) for runway northwest will be inspected for both operating directions (easterly and westerly weather patterns).

Furthermore, the proper functioning of the distance measuring equipment (DME), another navigation facility, will be inspected by means of circular flights conducted at a distance of 18 and 45 kilometres from the airport. These flights will extend to the region of Gießen/Wetzlar in the north, Gelnhausen in the east, Mannheim in the south and Bad Kreuznach in the west and take place at a level of 1,500 metres.

A twin-turboprop Beechcraft King Air 350 will be used as the calibration aircraft.

During this time, noise disturbance is to be expected both during daytime and nighttime hours.

If it is impossible to conduct the calibration flights during this time, due to bad weather for example, they will be postponed to the period from 16 to 19 April 2015.

Despite the night curfew at Frankfurt Airport, technical flight checks such as calibration flights may also be conducted at night as they would have an immense impact on regular air traffic during the day.
The calibration of technical facilities is indispensable for the safety of air traffic. DFS would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by such flights.

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