The aim of the SES II aviation package is to speed up reaching the targets laid down by the European Commission's Single European Sky programme. The SES II package strives to optimise a total of four sub-areas of the overall air transport system.


The European Commission adopted the SES II package, known as the aviation package, to achieve improvements in the overall air transport system for all of Europe through its specifications and harmonisation efforts in various sub-areas. One of these sub-areas will introduce a new regulatory ATM approach: Along with introducing functional airspace blocks (FABs) and a network management function, the aim is to optimise the overall performance of the ANSPs in Europe.

At the same time, SES II will expand the area of competence of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in Cologne to include the areas of airport safety and ATM safety. Until now, the Cologne-based authority has mainly been responsible for type certification and the certification of aircraft and aircraft parts. In the future, EASA will also be responsible for drafting, issuing and monitoring uniform air traffic controller training and licences throughout the European Union.