EU-funded projects

DFS is a member of the ANSPs IDP Implementation project, funded under the TEN-T framework by the European Commission.

The ANSPs IDP Implementation project represents the ANSPs coordinated approach to the implementation of the activities included in the IDP (Interim Deployment Programme). The action, funded within the TEN-T framework, aims at producing coordinated implementation activities with the engagement of the major air navigation service providers in Europe targeting the improvement of the network performance and end users benefits.

With regard to the overall IDP implementation, the project aims at fostering the implementation of five out of the seven activity areas included in IDP, namely:

  • Activity Area 2 - Airspace management improvements and data sharing
  • Activity Area 3 - Airport CDM
  • Activity Area 4 - Air-ground data link
  • Activity Area 5 - Automated assistance to controllers for seamless coordination transfer and dialogue
  • Activity Area 6 - RNP approach

Within the identified IDP activity areas, 11 ANSPs (ENAIRE, DFS, NATS, DSNA, DCAC, MATS, LGS, Finavia, EANS, NAV Portugal and ENAV) with the support of INECO are undertaking a number of implementation projects to be completed by the end of 2015.