FABEC - FAB Europe Central

DFS along with its civil and military partners from Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland have joined forces with the transport and defence ministries to launch an initiative to create a functional airspace block at the heart of Europe, known as FABEC.

The focus is on cross-border cooperation, both in the civil and the civil-military field. Thanks to its long-standing experience, DFS serves as a role model.

FABEC is one of the busiest and most complex airspaces in Europe. FABEC airspace spans Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland totalling 1,713,442 km2 and is characterised by a dense network of numerous civil and military routes. In addition, the majority of Europe's largest airports and hubs are located within FABEC. Due to its size and central location, FAB Europe Central plays a key role in the SES programme.

FABEC will be officially founded on 4 December 2012 following the ratification of the FABEC Treaty by the participating States.

For more information about FABEC: http://www.fabec.eu