Safe drone flights with the DFS drone app

The app provides users with information on the rules and regulations that have to be obeyed when using drones in Germany.

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DFS DroneCheck

DFS DroneCheck supports you in preparing a safe drone flight and gives information about potentially required permissions.


What do you have to keep in mind?

  • You need to attach an identification mark, or label, to your aircraft and acquire any necessary proof of knowledge.

  • If necessary, obtain permission from the local aeronautical authority of the Federal State (Landesluftfahrtbehörde), DFS or DFS Aviation Services, ...

  • Learn how the aircraft works and test it out.

  • Observe the manufacturer's guidelines.

  • Pay attention to wind, weather, obstacles and airspace.

  • Give manned aircraft and balloons the right-of-way and stay clear of them.

  • Keep a safe distance from public pathways and overhead power lines.

  • Comply with rules and regulations on data protection and privacy.

  • Obtain liability insurance.

  • Are you using the drone for commercial purposes? You will need to get the permission (Erlaubnis) of the local aviation authority (Landesluftfahrtbehörde).