Fundamental changes

Here you can find the fundamental changes of the new rules governing drones (Drohnenverordnung).

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Decision tree

If your aircraft is heavier than 250 grams, you will need to comply with the requirement to 1) have an identification mark, or label, (Kennzeichnungspflicht) and 2) provide proof of knowledge (Nachweispflicht).

Requirement to have an identification mark (Kennzeichnungspflicht)
[Mandatory six months after the rules governing drones come into force]:

The aircraft has to be inscribed with the name and address of the owner in permanent and fireproof lettering on a visible part of the aircraft.

Proof of knowledge (Nachweispflicht) for aircraft exceeding 2kg
[From 1 October 2017]:

  • Valid pilot's licence or
  • a certificate documenting that a test has been passed issued by an organisation recognised by the Federal Aviation Office (LBA).
  • a certificate provided by an air sports club if permission to operate a model aircraft is applied for.
  • A certificate is valid for five years.
  • Exception: No proof of knowledge is necessary to operate on the site of a model aircraft club.

In addition, knowledge is required in

  • the use and navigation of these aircraft,
  • the relevant fundamentals of air law, and
  • the local airspace structure.

Legally speaking, if you use your aircraft for sports or leisure purposes it counts as a model aircraft. If you use it for commercial purposes, it counts as an unmanned aircraft system from a legal perspective.

These rules apply for both if the aircraft weighs 250 gram or more.