Our glossary contains frequently used terms and acronyms together with their explanations.

Safety in the control tower

Apart from various other tasks, the safe conduct of operations on runways in the area of responsibility of the Tower is of significant and decisive importance. To continuously enhance safety at airports and their runways, EUROCONTROL – the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation comprising 38 European Member States – adopted an action plan.

Runway Safety
As an active member of this organisation, DFS implements its recommendations at all international airports where it is responsible for operations. One result of these recommendations was the foundation of local runway safety teams at all airports. These teams are made up of representatives of DFS, airport operators, airlines, flight training centres and other organisations involved at the airport.

Local runway safety teams
In December 2003, EUROCONTROL published the European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Incursions (EAPPRI). One of the recommendations was to implement airport-related local runway safety teams (LRST). Their job is to enhance safety on the manoeuvring areas and runways through regular meetings and public relations. The first LRST was set up in Frankfurt in 2004. Over the following two years, LRST were introduced at all DFS units. A typical LRST comprises representatives from the air navigation services, airports, airlines and any other parties involved in flight operations, such as flight training centres.

Runway safety committee
The safety management of the DFS Tower Division founded the runway safety committee in 2007 in an effort to support the work of the LRST and thus have access to a pool of expertise. The runway safety committee (RWSC) is made up of DFS members of the LRST, the DFS Corporate Safety and Security Management and the safety management of the Tower. The committee is chaired by the latter.

The tasks and objectives of the RWSC, among others, comprise of the coordination of the local runway safety teams, to assist them in their cooperation in international working groups and committees; of drawing up proposals and recommendations for uniform framework conditions concerning runway safety or of providing support for preventing and investigating occurrences on the movement areas of the airport.