Runway incursions

Even when aircraft are still on the ground, the DFS air traffic controllers are responsible for the safety of air traffic. Whether the aircraft are taking off, landing or taxiing – they have to be coordinated in such a way that the highest degree of safety is also ensured on the ground. For this reason, the tower controllers at DFS do not only issue clearances for take-off or landing, but they also assume control of the ground traffic.

A runway incursion is officially defined as any occurrence at an airport involving the incorrect presence of an aircraft, vehicle or person on the protected area of a surface designated for the landing or take-off or aircraft. In other words, when an aircraft inadvertently crosses an active runway or a follow-me vehicle fails to clear the runway in time. It does not matter whether other traffic was endangered or not. As with infringements of separation, DFS records and analyses runway incursions thoroughly. In order to enhance safety at the airports the DFS founded local runway safety teams.