EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency)
The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is an agency of the European Union that is in charge of aviation safety. It was established by a decision of the European Council on 15 July 2002 and has been based in Cologne, Germany, since November 2004. The agency started operations on 28 September 2003 and has been fully operational since 2006. EASA currently has a staff of 400.

Sector family (EBG)
A sector family comprises several airspace sectors. In German, it is called "Einsatzberechtigungsgruppe", which gives us the acronym EBG. During their training, air traffic controllers acquire licences for all sectors of a sector family so that they can be assigned to them in a flexible manner.

European Geostationary Overlay System (EGNOS)
EGNOS is a European satellite-based augmentation system which supplements GPS and other global navigation satellite systems (GNSS).

Final approach
Final approach is the last part of an approach, immediately prior to touchdown. During this phase of a flight, appropriately equipped aircraft are supported by the instrument landing system (ILS) or other approach aid, enabling landings even in zero visibility.

EUROCONTROL is the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation. It was founded in 1960 and is in charge of the central coordination of air traffic control in Europe. Today, the organisation comprises different services with different functions, such as the implementation of air traffic management strategies, technical research and development programmes, training and the collection of route charges. The headquarters of EUROCONTROL is in Brussels.