Our glossary contains frequently used terms and acronyms together with their explanations.

Sustainable flying

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung is entrusted by the Federal Ministry of Transport to perform sovereign tasks that are stipulated in the German Aviation Act (LuftVG). According to this law, DFS is responsible for the safe, orderly and expeditious handling of air traffic. Besides this core task, DFS also has a duty to help protect the population against unreasonable aircraft noise. But this is easier said than done because, in reality, the individual goals of safety, punctuality and environmental protection are not compatible. Even the issue of the environment alone poses a challenge for DFS. On the one hand, it should use direct routes wherever possible in order to contribute to lower carbon dioxide emissions. While, on the other hand, it has to select routes that cause aircraft noise for as few people as possible, which is usually impossible to achieve around airports without re-routings. Thus, DFS has to achieve several objectives that conflict with or even contradict each other. This conflict can only be solved by clear rules: As soon as aircraft have reached a higher altitude, DFS tries to guide them to their destination airports directly. However, noise reduction always takes priority over direct routings in the terminal airspace around airports.