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Flying is now part of our everyday life. At the drop of a hat we fly on business, on weekend breaks and to the other end of the world. Over the last four decades, air traffic has increased fourfold and is projected to continue rising. Thanks to air transport, we are more mobile than ever before. This rising trend has also been reflected in the rise of air cargo, with air transport making a significant contribution to the global economy. Germany is the country with the highest traffic volume in Europe. There are around 10,000 aircraft movements every day, making about three million every year. DFS has been tasked with ensuring that all these aircraft are all guided safely and expeditiously. Aviation does have its drawbacks, however: While it is true that only two percent of global emissions of CO2 are due to aviation, this figure can still be improved on. Society's awareness of the need to protect the environment is rising – and this applies to aviation as well. DFS is aware of its responsibility and is making its contribution to acting in a climate-friendly and environmental manner.

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