Financial performance

In 2017, the DFS group generated revenues under IFRS accounting standards in the amount of EUR 1,103.6 million. Despite an increase in flight movements of around 5.7 percent, revenues remained below the level of the previous year of EUR 1,169.7 million. This is due to lower revenues from charges resulting from a reduction of unit rates. DFS reduced its unit rate for en-route flights by 16 percent in 2017. For terminal charges at German airports, airlines have to pay 18 percent less since the beginning of 2017.

In total, the DFS group generated a net income of EUR 30.8 million in 2017. The company’s commercial business contributed EUR 66 million to the group’s overall performance.

Extracts from 2017 business year

(according to IFRS)

1,103.6 million
Capital expenditure
   111.8 million
Balance sheet total
2,251.2 million
Net income
     30.8 million