Our Vision

Automation and digitalisation are becoming increasingly important in the whole aviation industry, as in other areas. They are becoming key success factors.

Digital change offers a wealth of opportunities. The systematic analysis and networking of large volumes of data enables more efficient operations, greater economic efficiency as well as lean, efficient processes. It brings far-reaching changes at all levels across the whole industry. It requires new ways of thinking, however.

In air traffic control, digitalisation offers opportunities for optimisation in terms of quality, productivity, new procedures and services, for example. It is therefore essential for us as an air navigation service provider to develop our technologies and to rigorously exploit the potential of digitalisation and automation, to reduce staff workload and boost efficiency, for example.

Since our services are already based on the close interaction between our highly specialised employees and a complex technological system landscape, change management is an important success factor for us to establish new working environments and ways of working.

We are meeting these challenges in line with the objectives of the European Single European Sky (SES) regulatory process. Our main focus is centred on customer orientation, safety and the innovative technological positioning of the DFS Group. We have formulated four central corporate objectives to achieve these goals:

    • We aim to maintain an outstanding safety level at DFS and continuously develop and refine it.
    • We aim to fulfil all regulatory requirements through top performance in all key performance areas (KPAs).
    • We aim to increase profitability and productivity within the entire DFS Group.
    • We aim to achieve sustainable growth within the DFS Group.

    Our corporate strategy is based primarily on the sovereign task entrusted to DFS: handling air traffic in a safe, orderly and expeditious manner. With the premise of being the leader among the major European air navigation service providers (from German ANS to European ANS), we are positioning ourselves with our corporate vision "Together for Safe and Smart European Skies". Together, we guarantee the DFS Group's future viability and positioning within Europe through safety, innovative technology and economic viability.