Aviation management

 Business administration | Bachelor of Arts

Aviation managers operate where the fields of business administration, aviation law and logistics overlap. You manage the flow of goods, people, information and capital so that logistical processes are optimally organised. This degree programme will give you flexibility in your later career as your areas of expertise span the entire industry. This range also prevents you from developing a narrow view of problems, as you gain a feeling for the underlying forces in the whole industry. Later at DFS, you might work in flight route planning, in the marketing of specialised software or in the development of corporate strategies. You could be helping the board prepare decisions that will impact the company far into the future.

A solid theoretical foundation.

Over the course of three years at the Frankfurt University of Applied Science, you will learn the theoretical foundations of your future profession. Practical phases round off your education. The Frankfurt University of Applied Science places highly in rankings of business administration courses. At university, you will learn the basics of business administration and marketing, accounting and business mathematics, the aviation industry and logistics. To get ready for international projects and placements, you will also attend courses in business English.

Put yourself to the test.

You need to be able to see and understand the forces, demands and interrelationships at work across the air navigation services industry in particular. You have a focus on the economic bottom line and have the business knowledge necessary to support projects through to completion. You are able to produce convincing practice reports which prove you have an eye for detail on topics such as staff scheduling in control centres, weather influences on arrivals and departures or on the planning of new runways.

Instead of a standard cover letter, we want you to write a mini-essay where you answer the following questions:

  • In what areas/fields does DFS operate?
  • How could you use your course of studies to make a real contribution to the success of DFS?
  • What options will be open to you from this course of studies?

  • What we are looking for.

    School-leaving certificate

    A-Level/Abitur, supplemented by a completed apprenticeship


    Good marks in German and mathematics, good English and a good understanding of business and logical interconnections


    Professional experience gathered over several months from internships or jobs combined with experience working abroad, perhaps as a volunteer


    A passion for aviation, the ability to communicate well, especially in presentations, and a keen eye for detail

    The deadline for applications for the recruitment year 2018 has already passed. 
    From 1 June 2019, you can apply for a place on a dual course of studies to start from 1 October 2020.