People with some experience under their belt.

At DFS, you can help shape the future of aviation. We need people who have already gained some professional experience and who have a passion for aviation, and safety of course. Our industry is changing rapidly and the technical and commercial infrastructure of the company needs to change with it. DFS might be the perfect place for you to bring in the systems and methods you have learnt elsewhere.

Discover DFS

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, we offer demanding opportunities in a wide range of areas.

DFS as employer

We can benefit from your prior experience.

The work of DFS requires a range of professions, skills and experience. Your prior professional experience might be exactly what we need. We need people with backgrounds in aviation, technology, IT and administration.

  • We develop many of our technologies in-house, or in close cooperation with external vendors, and these need to be maintained, developed further and customised for external customers. Maybe your technical or engineering experience is just what we need?
  • DFS needs a well-functioning business and administrative infrastructure to operate successfully in its changing business environment. Do you have experience of operating in companies that faced increased competitive pressures?
  • A robust IT environment is vital for the safety of air traffic. Do you have the skills needed to develop an IT infrastructure in a high reliability organisation?

  • What we offer.

    DFS stands for diversity and equal opportunities, as is reflected in our diverse team structures. Our staff are at the core of what we do, which is why we offer a package of benefits and place the welfare of our staff at centre stage. Make your contribution in a sector that demands the highest levels of safety either as a manager or as a specialist. The size of our company offers a professional infrastructure, coupled with space to act in a sector which is the byword for internationality.

    A finely tuned team

    Comprehensive health management programme

    Excellent opportunities for continuing and further education

    Good work-life balance

    The world of air navigation services requires DFS as a company to always plan far into the future. This will also prove beneficial for your career development. You can expect a job in a highly skilled team made up of people who want to drive things forward and achieve results in a professional manner. Being appreciated for your personal and professional commitment is vital; a feeling reflected in the compensation packages we offer. We strive to create a company where you can be content, both professionally and privately, as part of a strong team here at DFS.