What we as an employer have to offer.

We know that our staff are the foundation of our success. They are the ones that make our company the safe and secure foundation supporting air traffic over Germany. They scrutinise and check, control and direct, inspect and guide to ensure the safety of millions of passengers each year.

The perks of the job.

We think that people who give a lot should be rewarded accordingly. As a company, we offer attractive compensation and benefit packages. We try to take care of you as an individual who wants a demanding job but also needs time to relax. A company such as ours cannot be successful unless it invests in the motivation and welfare of its staff.

An inside view of our world.

Well taken care of: the kindergarten facilities in Langen and Karlsruhe.

What we have to offer in detail:

  • Company pensions and insurance.

    The company ensures that your retirement plan is built on a solid foundation. In addition to a company pension scheme, the company also offers long-term time accounts. You can also benefit from the beneficial rates the company has negotiated for accident insurance and long-term care insurance.

  • Childcare & work-life balance.

    We know that it is not always easy to combine a demanding job with a busy private life. We help support you in this endeavour with a series of initiatives built around our work and family project. For example, we offer flexible working times and choice of work location, childcare for both for under-threes and over-threes as well as a kids' holiday programme.

  • Company sports & health management.

    The company offers many ways for you to keep yourself fit and in good shape. DFS has an in-house health management programme that supports our staff in improving their health and maintaining it over the long term.

    The welfare and health of our staff are important to us and we want you to remain fit, heathy and content. We offer fitness rooms, sports events, seminars, courses and health action days. We are well aware that in an industry and working environment where stress and a high level of responsibility are unavoidable, the company has to offer its staff a way to wind down.

  • Campus life & commuting.

    Doing a responsible job requires the right kind of working environment at our various company locations. Our modern facilities are designed with the welfare of staff in mind, ranging from spaces for informal communication to the healthy culinary delights offered in our company canteens and restaurants.