Facts and figures about DFS.

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH is a State-owned company under private law which was founded on 16 October 1992. It became the legal successor to the Federal Administration of Air Navigation Services on 1 January 1993. The Headquarters of DFS is located in Langen near Frankfurt. This is where one of our control centres, our training Academy, our IT Systems House and our technical centre for our research and development activities are located.

What we are about.

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Organisational structure.

The organisational structure at DFS is based on our two main fields of business: the Control Centre division and the Tower division. The Control Centre division operates the DFS control centres in Bremen, Langen and Munich (responsible for lower airspace) and the control centre in Karlsruhe (responsible for upper airspace). The Tower division is responsible for operating the control towers at the 16 designated international airports.

Portfolio of services.

The services offered and marketed by DFS include air traffic control, the aeronautical information service, numerous technical services, initial and further training in air navigation services, and international consultancy. The company adheres to the principles of safety, punctuality, cost-effectiveness, environmental responsibility and employee focus.

Distribution of staff

50 % Air traffic control

Air traffic controllers, AIS officers, flight data specialists, etc.

10 % Engineering

Air navigation services engineers, facility management, IT, etc.

40 % Administration

Safety management, product management, administration, communication, accounting

Milestones in the history of DFS

The period starting in the 1980s saw phenomenal growth in air traffic. In only twenty years, the number of controlled flights in German airspace tripled from under one million to three million. For a long time, the aviation industry was synonymous with robust growth and only knew one trend: upward. Following the financial crisis and the economic slump, this growth began to slow after the turn of the millennium. Nevertheless, DFS still controls around three million flights per year. It all began in 1953...

Foundation of the Federal Administration of Air Navigation Services (BFS)1953
Integration of the air navigation services in the eastern German states, which had up until then been performed by Interflug1990
BFS becomes DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH1993
Start of civil-military integration, a unique integration of civil and military air navigation services1993
DFS wins IATA Eagle Award 2000 for being the best air navigation services organisation in the world2000
Foundation of the DFS subsidiary The Tower Company for the provision of air traffic control services at regional airports2005
By signing the FABEC Treaty, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland lay the foundation for a common airspace management2010
The DFS subsidiary Air Navigation Solutions Ltd. (ANS) takes over air traffic control at London Gatwick Airport2016
Foundation of Kaufbeuren ATM Training GmbH: The DFS subsidiary takes over air traffic management training of the Bundeswehr2016