The selection procedure for air traffic controllers.

As soon as we have received your application, we will give you access to an online test. This mainly involves your biography, your motivation and similar questions. Subsequently, we will let you know the result. If you are successful, you will receive an invitation to a two-day selection procedure in Hamburg.

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Controller test

Test your ability to think in terms of three dimensions and concentrate in a playful way here. To start the controller test, you will need a computer and a browser with a Flash plug-in.


Step 1:

Online test

Step 2:

1. Selection procedure in Hamburg

Step 3:

2. Selection procedure in Hamburg

Step 4:

Medical examination

Selection procedure in Hamburg.

In Hamburg, the first batch of tests covers your English language proficiency, your ability to think in terms of three dimensions, your ability to concentrate and your level of numeracy. If you do well, you will be invited to attend a second batch of tests in Hamburg. Here you will be confronted with simple simulation exercises based on the real work of air traffic controllers. These allow conclusions to be drawn about your ability to multi-task. We will be able to see if you can make correct decisions and how well you work in teams. You will also have an interview with the selection commission made up of air traffic controllers and psychologists. If you clear this hurdle, you will need to pass the medical examination.

"The information DFS provided to me meant I felt well prepared. It's not the same as learning for school. Either you have it or you don't!"Lisa B├╝sch, air traffic controller at Frankfurt approach in the control centre in Langen

We have everything covered.

You will receive a link with the first invitation where you will find everything you need to prepare. But you should not forget to just be yourself. Our experience shows that special preparatory seminars don't help. Just being able to put yourself in a better light doesn't make that much difference. You should bear in mind that you only have one try. Nevertheless, you can still apply for any of our other great study and training places.