Customer newsletter edition 04 2016

  • Introduction of paperless strip system (PPS) for the area around Frankfurt Airport (EDDF)

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Introduction of paperless strip system (PPS) for the area around Frankfurt Airport (EDDF)

After the successful introduction of the paperless strip system (PSS) in the control centres of Bremen, Munich and large parts of Langen, the system will go into operation in the sectors surrounding Frankfurt Airport in the night from 14 to 15 January 2017. In the first few days after it goes into operation, there will be reduced capacity in the area affected. Potential flow management measures will be decided on a case-by-case basis and kept to a minimum.
As in previous cases, intense efforts are being made to keep the impact on air traffic to the lowest possible level. Preparatory activities have been carried out primarily at night and weekends.

Before operations can begin, a number of operational tests will have to be carried out on the following dates:
16 December 2016 between approx. 23:00 (lcl)  and       19 December 2016 approx. 04:00 (lcl)
06 January 2017  between approx. 23:00 (lcl)   and       09 January 2017 approx. 04:00 (lcl)

When PSS goes into operation in Langen, flight progress strips that were previously printed on paper will be replaced with digital ones. This makes it possible for the processing of control strips at Langen control centre to be completely computer-controlled and supported. PSS is an important component of the current air traffic control system that is a logical and supportive step towards future air traffic control systems.

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Published 07.11.2016