Customer newsletter edition 03 2016

  • New standard instrument arrival routes (STAR) for Frankfurt (EDDF)
  • Military Exercise 'Cold Igloo' 2016
  • Update navigation infrastruktur 2016/17

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New standard instrument arrival routes (STAR) for Frankfurt (EDDF)

DFS is planning to introduce two new standard instrument arrival routes (STAR) for Frankfurt Airport via the waypoints EMPAX and ASPAT/ PETIX which will enable continuous descent operations. The routes will be published with programmed flight levels and speed restrictions (each waypoint has a maximum and minimum flight level).

The routes are planned to go into operation on the following dates

• the route via EMPAX on 13 October 2016
• the route via ASPAT/PETIX on 8 December 2016

The AIP RMK concerning the airway requires aircraft equipped for RNAV1 to include the arrival route in the flight plan (e.g. AIP RMK T163: "After EMPAX, flights with DEST EDDF complying with RNAV1 shall file EMPAX STAR").

A sample tabular description for landing direction 07 of the planned publication for EMPAX arrivals to Frankfurt Airport may be found here.

Please note that it is mandatory to use the published flight levels and speed restrictions on the new routes. Any deviations from these may only be made when coordinated with ATC.

If the traffic situation allows, the clearance for the new arrival routes will use the phraseology DESCEND VIA (e.g. DESCEND VIA EMPAX 1W FL240). If no clearance is issued for the arrival route, ATC expects the aircraft to follow the lateral profile of the STAR. This means the descent shall be conducted according to the individual clearances of the air traffic controllers.

Current and future phraseology differ as follows:

Current phraseology in accordance with NfL 1-667-16, item 7.24

Additions to current phraseology in accordance with AMDT 7 ICAO Doc 4444 10 NOV 2016

In case you have any questions please contact Dirk Pulver (0049 (0)6103 707 4132, or Herr Wolfgang Oechler (0049 (0)6103 707 1289,

Military Exercise 'Cold Igloo' 2016

Please find an information about the military exercise 'Cold Igloo' in the 


and the 


Update navigation infrastruktur 2016/17

Please find an overview of changes to navigation aids in Germany for 2016/2017 here.
This document will be regularly updated and published on the DFS website under Customer Relations/ IFR customers.

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Published 07.10.2016