Customer-newsletter edition 09|2015

  • Point Merge in Leipzig (EDDP)

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Point Merge in Leipzig (EDDP)

DSF is introducing a new arrival concept called point merge at Leipzig Halle Airport as of 10 December 2015. The new procedure will be applied from 19 December 2015. This concept involves separating aircraft at higher altitudes on an arc trajectory and subsequently guiding them to final approach in a concentric pattern in continuous descent operations. This procedure will be used to handle traffic peaks, primarily at night. The trajectories are being introduced as RNAV STAR. The procedure requires that the aircraft has an operational approval equivalent to RNAV 1 in accordance with the ICAO PBN concept. Further information can be found in the AIP under ENR 1.5 (RNAV 1) and AD 2 EDDP 2.21 (point merge).

Chart RWY 08L/08R

Chart RWY 26L/26R

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Published: 11.12.2015