Customer-newsletter edition 08|2015

  • Relocation of the Langen Control Centre
  • Changes within the area of ACC Bremen
  • RNAV Segmented Approach in Frankfurt (EDDF)

*Note: Not for operational use. For detailed information on all issues, check the official DFS publications!

Relocation of the Langen Control Centre

Within the scope of a major maintenance project at DFS in Langen, the area control centre (ACC) will be relocated to a new control room. Service provision from this new location in Langen will begin on 13 December 2015.
To ensure a smooth transition, air traffic control provision was successfully tested from the new control room for several hours over the course of two nights.
On the the above-mentioned dates and during the first few weeks after operations begin, it may be necessary to introduce air traffic flow management measures in the FIR Langen. DFS will do everything it can to keep such measures to a minimum.

Changes within the area of ACC Bremen

1. As of AIRAC 10 DEC 2015, the VOR/DME LBE will be replaced with the new VOR/DME LBV in German aeronautical publications. The new VOR/DME is located about ½ NM to the west of the current one. The new VOR/DME LBV will go into operation in the second half of 2016.
This will mean changes to the instrument flight procedures for the airports of Hamburg (EDDH), Hamburg-Finkenwerder (EDHI), Hannover (EDDV) (NOTAM), Kiel (EDHK) und Lübeck-Blankensee (EDHL).
2. Instrument flight procedures for Sylt Airport (EDXW) will change fundamentally. The long SIDs will be replaced by shorter ones that connect to a modified ATS route network. All STARs will be cancelled. The IAF is located within the ATS route network.
3. LUB VOR and the new WSN NDB (replacing WSR VOR since 15 OCT 2015) will remain inactive. While WSN NDB is scheduled to go into operation in June 2016, no date has been set yet for the replacement of LUB VOR.
4. With effect from AIRAC 10 DEC 2015, the Bremen control centre will permanently merge two sectors into one. This affects procedures for Bremen Airport (EDDW). The frequency of the first Bremen sector will change for Bremen departures. Please check for the relevant NOTAM.

RNAV Segmented Approach in Frankfurt (EDDF)

While monitoring the use of segmented RNAV approaches in Frankfurt (EDDF), DFS has noticed a significant downward trend in their rate of use.

The rate is currently below the rate seen before the northwest runway 25R/07L went into operation.

An ATIS broadcast at 22:20 hrs announces that RNAV segmented approaches are to be expected after 23:00 hrs. Langen Radar will not issue any more directs to a waypoint on the ILS transition, meaning that a segmented approach is possible.

We kindly ask you to remind pilots that this procedure exists and should preferably be used after 23:00 hrs.

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Published: 11.12.2015