Customer newsletter edition 07|2015

  • Relocation of the Langen Control Centre
  • Aircraft de-icing in Munich (EDDM)
  • Live Trial Bilateral Initiative DFS – DSNA (BILINI)

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Relocation of the Langen Control Centre

Within the scope of a major maintenance project at DFS in Langen, the area control centre (ACC) will be relocated to a new control room. Service provision from this new location in Langen will begin on 13 December 2015.

To ensure a smooth transition, air traffic control provision was successfully tested from the new control room for several hours over the course of two nights.

 Two additional operational weekends have been planned:

  • Weekend: 7-8 November 2015
  • Weekend: 28-30 November 2015

On the the above-mentioned dates and during the first few weeks after operations begin, it may be necessary to introduce air traffic flow management measures in the FIR Langen. DFS will do everything it can to keep such measures to a minimum.

Aircraft de-icing in Munich (EDDM)

The designators of the de-icing areas at Munich Airport have been changed to correspond with the taxiway designators. An additional de-icing area is available at the opposite head of the runway that is primarily to be used to efficiently de-ice frost. Approximately six to seven aircraft can be de-iced per hour.

As a rule, aircraft are requested to vacate the de-icing area without delay to allow the next aircraft to be de-iced and, thus, to avoid bottlenecks.

Live Trial Bilateral Initiative DFS – DSNA (BILINI)

From 12/11/2015 until 04/02/2016, a joint live trial of the French and German ANSPs and military units affecting the route from Paris (Charles de Gaulles) to Munich will take place. During this time, common ASM/ATFCM procedures will be validated, excluding the period between Christmas and New Year from 19/12/2015 to 04/01/2016 (no military flying time).

The objective of this trial is to assess ASM solutions to enhance Aircraft Operator opportunities for the shortest possible routeing between Paris – Munich as well as to improve flexible access to French military training area for military Airspace Users to LF-TSA22A.

During the live trial AMC Germany and AMC France will coordinate military airspace bookings for the military training areas LF-TSA22A and ED-R207 taking into account civil traffic demand. AMCs will manage the booking status of both areas through a rolling UUP process including additional bookings until 3 hours before the event.

To enable flight plan filing via IFPS a DCT route through LF-TSA 22 between the waypoints LANVI – NIDIR – LUPEN is published as alternative route for the times UM164 is in CDR3 status. The DCT is linked to EU restriction EULFT22AR and availability is managed by activation / de-activation of the restriction based on the military usage of LF-TSA22A. The temporary changes in airspace design and procedures for the duration of the trial have been published via AIP FR SUP no. 206/15.

Aircraft Operators are required to monitor the EAUP/EUUP airspace-booking situation and react to the routeing opportunities or FLS messages by refiling flight plans. NM will support Aircraft Operators in case of route availability changes.

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Published: 09.11.2015