Customer newsletter edition 04|2015

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Frankfurt Main Airport (EDDF) - Renewal of RWY 07C/25C

RWY 07C/25C of Frankfurt Main Airport will be closed from 09AUG 2015 2100 until 13AUG 2015 0300.

Please find further Information in the following AIP SUP.


Changes of NAV-infrastructure 2nd halfyear 2015 and outlook 2016

DFS would like to inform you about the decommissioning of the following navigation aids:
1. Lübeck LUB VOR as of 18 May 2015
2. Elbe VOR/DME as of 1 June 2015

These two facilities will be replaced with new ones at new locations in the course of the year. Until that point in time, alternative procedures will be published via NOTAM for the aerodromes affected. These include the airports of Hamburg, Hamburg-Finkenwerder, Lübeck-Blankensee and Kiel-Holtenau.

You can find an overview of changes to navigation aids in Germany for 2015/2016 here.
This document will be regularly updated and published on the DFS website under Customer Relations/ IFR customers.

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Published 23.07.2015