Customer newsletter edition 01|2015

  • New structure for Frankfurt approach control
  • Introduction of a CDO trial procedure at Frankfurt Main Airport (EDDF)
  • Relocation in the Langen Control Centre
  • New FABEC Newsletter

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New structure for Frankfurt approach control

To facilitate the implementation of the paperless strip system (PSS) in Frankfurt approach control, the current airspace structure and the working methods of the controllers have to be adapted.In the run-up to the PSS implementation, the current north-south division of Frankfurt airspace will be modified to the effect that one radar controller will guide arrivals and departures in the northern area and one in the southern area .
The implementation date for the new structure is: 30 April 2015
- In the beginning, there will be more independent parallel approaches.
- Turn-on to final approach will be at 4,000 ft in the south and at 5,000 ft in the north.
- The number of continuous descent operations (CDO) and continuous climb operations (CCO) is expected to increase.

Introduction of a CDO trial procedure at Frankfurt Main Airport (EDDF)

As part of the work of the Optimised Flying working group for Frankfurt Main Airport (EDDF), procedure are to be introdused over the medium to long term in order to enable aircraft to fly an optimum descent profile according ICAO CDO criteria.

Please find further details in the AIP AIRAC SUP IFR 01/15.

Relocation in the Langen Control Centre

As part of major maintenance measures in the DFS control centre in Langen, the area control centre (ACC) will be relocated to a new control room in Langen as of the winter season 2015/2016. The technical preparations for this step have nearly been completed. After the relocation, the air traffic services personnel will have to familiarise themselves with a number of new features such as the way the information is shown on the radar displays and the operation of the communications systems. DFS is striving to minimise the impact of these activities on airspace users.
Training courses for operations personnel are scheduled to take place between August and mid-December 2015. Starting in October 2015, trial operations will be performed at night and at weekends followed by the actual move to the new control centre at an off-peak weekend in December.
As several staff members will be taking the training courses at the same time and will not be available for staffing the working positions, any absences due to illness may lead to air traffic flow management measures in individual cases. DFS will do its utmost to keep such measures to a minimum.
We will keep you informed about further activities and the dates.

New FABEC Newsletter

FABEC has released the new newsletter Edition 22 (February 2015). Please find this new edition here.

The entire newsletter archiv could be downloaded using the following link: FABEC NEWSLETTER

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Published 03.03.2015