Customer newsletter edition 10|2012

Rhein Radar AIRAC operational information AIRAC 15 NOV 2012
Transfer of upper airspace from Munich to Karlsruhe - Project VOLMuK

Transfer of upper airspace (FL 315+) from the Munich Control Centre to Karlsruhe Upper Area Control Centre (UAC)

The cutover is scheduled to take place on the night of 15 to 16 December 2012

Strategic consolidation of upper airspace at the Karlsruhe UAC
Optimum use of the very advanced ATS system P1/VAFORIT, which is tailored for large-scale airspaces

EFFECTS (consequences)
- Optimised traffic handling within the large-scale lateral area of responsibility thanks to the elimination of the lateral Munich/Karlsruhe interface

    "Night Live Operations" and "Weekend Live Operations"
    In November and early December 2012, four tests will take place to verify and safeguard the switch-over process and the adaptation adjustments associated with the implementation ; two Night Live Operations will take place over several hours during times of low traffic volume in the nights between 3 NOV and 4 NOV and 17 NOV and 18 NOV, followed by two Weekend Live Operations (from Saturday, 24 NOV, 01:00 hrs, to Monday, 26 NOV, 03:00 hrs, and Saturday 8 DEC, 01:00 hrs to Monday, 10 DEC, 03:00 hrs). During these times, airspace will be controlled from Karlsruhe UAC for a period of approximately 48 hours. No direct consequences for customers are expected but cannot be ruled out entirely because of the complexity of the set of measures to be conducted.

    After the final cutover, which will take place in the night between 15 and 16 December 2012, Karlsruhe UAC will take over the operation of the transferred sectors on a permanent basis.

    To support the initial implementation phase, the capacity values of the relevant sectors will be reduced by 20% at the beginning. These values will be monitored daily and adapted sector by sector as possible. Based on past experience, it is expected that the previous capacity values of the sectors will be reached again by the end of February 2013.

    For questions please contact Rhein Radar Flow Office daily 11.00 - 17.00 local time +49 721 6903-107 .

    In the case of problems with route profiles, please contact our OPS supervisor or FMP Rhein , tel. +49 (0)721 6903-216 or 237).

    Contact: Wolfgang Bretl, Flow and Capacity Management,
    DFS Karlsruhe, telephone +49 (0)721 6903 420,

    New layout AIS-portal
    We will soon have a completely new AIS Portal

    From November 13, 2012 a thoroughly revised layout will facilitate even faster access to the functions of the AIS Portal.

    The most important new functions are:

    • Easy user navigation so that you can quickly get to where you want to go
    • Direct access to stored flight plans and NOTAM briefings conveniently located next to the relevant form
    • Adaptation of flight plan form to the FPL 2012 specifications of ICAO Updated online help

    You can, of course, continue to use all of your stored flight plans and NOTAM briefings. The new FPL 2012 form, however, involves changes concerning the indications for aircraft equipment (Item 10) and further equipment-related specifications (Item 18). This is why we have deleted the contents of these two fields in all stored flight plans. Please check how your aircraft equipment has to be indicated based on the new specifications and store these data in your flight plan forms.

    During the transition phase from 8 NOV 2012 to 19 NOV 2012, flight plans may only be submitted 24 hours prior to EOBT. During this time, all associated systems will be adapted to the new FPL 2012 format. Modification and delay messages cannot be made via the AIS Portal during this period of time.

    We apologise for any inconvenience.

    Please find further information use the online help function.