Customer newsletter edition 07|2012

Changes within the area of responsibility of Munich ACC/UAC
With effect from AIRAC date 23 AUG 2012, there will be different conditions, depending on the landing direction, for the transfer from Control Centre to Approach for flights approaching Munich Airport from the northeast.
ACC/UAC Munich is introducing this measure to contribute to the reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Additionally, higher flight levels will be assigned to aircraft coming from the northeast of the airport that will be landing to the east. This is expected to reduce noise in this area.

Rhein Radar AIRAC operational information AIRAC 23 AUG 2012
Transfer of upper airspace from Munich to Karlsruhe - Project VOLMuK

Transfer of upper airspace (FL 315+) from the Munich Control Centre to Karlsruhe Upper Area Control Centre (UAC)

The cutover is scheduled to take place on the night of 15 to 16 December 2012

Strategic consolidation of upper airspace at the Karlsruhe UAC
Optimum use of the very advanced ATS system P1/VAFORIT, which is tailored for large-scale airspaces

EFFECTS (consequences)
- Optimised traffic handling within the large-scale lateral area of responsibility thanks to the elimination of the lateral Munich/Karlsruhe interface

For questions please contact Rhein Radar Flow Office daily 11.00 - 17.00 local time +49 721 6903-107 .

In the case of problems with route profiles, please contact our OPS supervisor or FMP Rhein , tel. +49 (0)721 6903-216 or 237).

Contact: Wolfgang Bretl, Flow and Capacity Management,
DFS Karlsruhe, telephone +49 (0)721 6903 420,

ILA Berlin
The Berlin Air Show ILA will take place at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport (EDDB) between 11 and 16 September 2012.

For the duration of the ILA, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development has given permission to use the operating areas of the southern runway for off-field landings and take-offs. The runway designations 07R/L and 25R/L will be used during this period of time.

The southern runway will be used for all take-offs and landings in connection with the ILA (e.g. air displays). Regular flight operations will continue to take place on the northern runway. DFS does not expect the ILA to have any significant impact on normal flight operations at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport.

The air displays will take place from 11 to 16 September between 10:30 and 17:30 hrs on runway 07R/25L as well as on two helipads. Runway 07R/25L and the temporary helipads will be closed for all other traffic.

From 6 September on, the first acceptance flights of ILA participants will be conducted. For this reason, all VFR flights using Berlin-Schönefeld Airport between 6 and 17 September will be subject to coordination.

The expansion of the control zone and ILA procedures will be applied from 6 to 17 September.

Details concerning the following adaptations may be found in the relevant publication.


Navigationsinfrastruktur in Deutschland
Informationen zu Anpassungen der Navigationsinfrastruktur für die terrestrische Navigation in Deutschland finden Sie regelmäßig unter folgendem Link.