Customer newsletter edition 06|2012

Changes within the area of responsibility of Munich ACC/UAC
Implementation of step III of city pair CDG-MUC. Outside the times of activity of military airspaces, it will now be possible to save 40 to 50 NM by using a shorter routing between MUC and CDG in the early morning and late evening. Flying time will be reduced by 5 to 6 minutes.
The existing CDR I/II routings between CDG and MUC implemented in steps I and II will additionally be shortened by another 5 NM (1 minute).
The optimisation of the city pair CDG-MUC is a joint effort of the French ANSP DSNA, the German Bundeswehr, Lufthansa and DFS.

Green Arrivals EDDM from LUPEN
Magenta Departures EDDM to LFP*

Rhein Radar AIRAC operational information AIRAC 26 JUL 2012
Transfer of upper airspace from Munich to Karlsruhe - Project VOLMuK

Transfer of upper airspace (FL 315+) from the Munich Control Centre to Karlsruhe Upper Area Control Centre (UAC)

The cutover is scheduled to take place on the night of 15 to 16 December 2012

Strategic consolidation of upper airspace at the Karlsruhe UAC
Optimum use of the very advanced ATS system P1/VAFORIT, which is tailored for large-scale airspaces

EFFECTS (consequences)
- Optimised traffic handling within the large-scale lateral area of responsibility thanks to the elimination of the lateral MUC/KRH interface
- Temporary impacts on the provided profiles are possible