Customer newsletter edition 05|2012

Trial operations for ILS installations with a glide angle of 3.2° at EDDF
Introducing an increased glide slope angle of 3.2° at Frankfurt/Main (EDDF) has been identified as a measure to potentially reduce noise.
Landing runway northwest 07L/25R will have additional ILS installations with a glide angle of 3.2° as of 3 SEPT 2012.
The plan is to run trial operations for one year to ascertain the effects that a glide slope of 3.2° has on traffic handling as well as to evaluate the impact on the noise situation.
Therefore one ILS per landing direction has been altered to a 3.2° angle.
The existing PAPI systems will also be modified. The trial operations will only take place under CAT I conditions with no tail wind and are scheduled to begin on 18 OCT 2012. If you have any questions, please contact Olaf Glitsch ( , Tel.:0049 6103 707 1715).

Changes within the area of responsibility of Munich ACC/UAC
With effect from AIRAC date 28 JUN 2012, there will be different conditions, depending on the landing direction, for the transfer from Control Centre to Approach for flights approaching Munich Airport from the northwest.
ACC/UAC Munich is introducing this measure to contribute to the reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Additionally, higher flight levels will be assigned to aircraft coming from the northwest of the airport that will be landing to the west. This is expected to reduce noise in this area.

Information regarding the introduction of ICAO FPL 2012
The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has agreed to make changes to the content and format of the ICAO flight plan form (FPL). These changes will become globally applicable on 15 November 2012. Coincident with these changes, Germany is amending its flight planning requirements, so that only the new content and format will be accepted as of 15 November 2012. Implementation of the new provisions will be accompanied by national publications (AIC, Nachrichten für Luftfahrer, NfL). The relevant information will be made available on the DFS websites and in a timely manner .

Please take note of  AIC IFR 8 2012 which was published on 31 MAY 2012.